What is my unclaimed allowance?

What does this mean and how was it calculated?

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Your HRA allowance as an annual benefit that is "unlocked" on a monthly basis. Your annual allowance is prorated throughout the year. What that means is that any given month throughout the year, if you do not claim your full allowance, any unclaimed reimbursement allowance rolls over to the next month and accumulates to build up a balance of unclaimed reimbursements.

Double check with your employer and your plan documents to see whether this unclaimed allowance will roll over to the next calendar year.

Throughout the year, we will track your total accumulated unclaimed allowance for you, so you know how much you have available to claim for reimbursement. That number is calculated as your total allowance "unlocked" year-to-date less the total claims made year-to-date. 

Find your total unclaimed allowance on the dashboard in your member portal:

Note that this balance will take into consideration all approved claims, even if they have not yet been reimbursed.

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