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How do I read the Reimbursements Summary Report?
How do I read the Reimbursements Summary Report?

Learn when to reference the Reimbursements Summary Report and what details it provides.

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The Reimbursements Summary Report displays each employee’s reimbursement amount by month. You have the option to run a year-to-date report or choose a specific date range. This report will correspond with your reimbursement statements run each month, where we show you how much to reimburse each employee. 

Click on the total in each month for more information about how that amount was calculated, including rollover allowances & claims from previous months. If there are dotted lines in a column for a certain employee, that means they were not eligible for reimbursements that month. If you see zeros, that means they were eligible but did not claim any reimbursements that month.

Your employee’s reimbursement amount each month is subject to their current allowance, any unclaimed allowances from previous months, and the total they have submitted for reimbursement. Here are a few helpful definitions:

  • Current Allowance: this month’s allowance, applied on the 1st of each month.

  • Previous Allowance: unclaimed allowance from previous months or years (if applicable).

  • Total Allowance: Total allowance available for reimbursement this month.

  • Previous Unreimbursed Expenses: claims submitted before this month that have not yet been reimbursed

  • New Claims: claims submitted during this time frame.

  • Claims Subtotal: Total unreimbursed claims submitted to date.

  • Reimbursement Total: Amount employee is reimbursed this month

A note about report dates:

As mentioned above, the Employee Summary report corresponds with the Reimbursement Statements (located in the Reimbursements tab in your portal), so if your reimbursement statements are scheduled to run mid-month, both your statement and the Reimbursements Summary report will reflect information for the same date range within each given month. 

Let's walk through a scenario to clear things up:

Your company's reimbursement statements are scheduled to run on the 15th of each month. Both your February reimbursement statement and the February column of your Reimbursements Summary Report will include claims since the last reimbursement statement was run (on 1/15). The date range will be 1/15-2/15. 

In the same way, if you receive bi-weekly or semi-monthly Reimbursement Statements, then you'll have more than 1 statement per month. The Reimbursement Summary report will show you the total for that month, and even link you back to the corresponding statements!

For additional reporting questions, e-mail or chat with us online, and we'd be happy to answer your specific questions!

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