How do I know how much to reimburse my employees?

How much do I owe my employees in reimbursement?

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Take Command Health will keep track of all claims submitted by your employees to ensure they are eligible for reimbursement, and we will provide you with a monthly Reimbursement Statement that shows exactly how much to reimburse each employee. Your employee’s reimbursement amount reported on each statement is based on their current allowance, any unclaimed allowances from previous months, and the total they have submitted for reimbursement. 

You'll need to reference these statements in the Reimbursements section of your member portal to know how much to reimburse your employees. Each reimbursement statement will run automatically on the day(s) of the month that you choose (this can be changed in the Reimbursements section of your Admin portal). You can view the statement online by clicking on it, or you can download it as a CSV or PDF file. 

When viewing online, you can click on "Total" for more information on where that number came from.

Still not sure where to start? Check out our Admin Resource Center for more resources and support.

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