When you login to your member portal during Open Enrollment, you'll automatically be placed into the HRA onboarding or re-enrollment flow. On the Reimbursement Amount page, click "Set up reimbursement for your existing plan."

We'll then ask you what type of plan you have, and then walk you through the onboarding flow, asking you to provide proof of your 2021 plan.

Be sure that the document you provide shows your name, a 2021 date, and your 2021 premium!

Haven't received documentation for your 2021 plan? No worries, you can come back later once you get it! Just click "Exit and Save" in the bottom left-hand corner, and you can go back and upload when you receive that proof of coverage from the insurance company. We'll enter you back into that 2021 onboarding flow every time you log back in.

**If you do decide to change plans, you'll need to cancel your 2020 plan directly with your insurance carrier.

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