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If I'm on a Tricare plan, what do I upload for proof of coverage?
If I'm on a Tricare plan, what do I upload for proof of coverage?

Compliance proof of coverage

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If you are covered under Tricare Select, Tricare Prime, Tricare for Life, Tricare Reserve Select, etc., we are looking to see a recent date (within 30 days) and that you are a covered dependent. You can upload a proof of health coverage letter directly from DEERS (, provide a copy of your dated benefits card, or submit a written request through Tricare (

Here is a sample of the proof of health coverage letter:

What to provide for proof of your premium:

If you are setting up a recurring premium claim, we MUST see a recent date (within 30 days) on the document you provide, so we can verify your current premium amount. This document helps to create a recurring premium claim, where our system will automatically generate claims each month. We'll set it up to automatically be applied to your reimbursement amount each month. You can find instructions on how to set up the recurring premium claim here.

Your insurance ID card does provide proof that you are covered, but it does not support your actual premium payment.

Here are some good examples of what you can provide for proof of your monthly premium:

  • Monthly bill from your insurance company

  • Bank or credit card statement (you can white out info you don't want us to see, but make sure you leave on there your name, the amount, the payee, and the date it was paid)

  • Screen shot from your online portal with your insurance company showing your premium amount and when it's due next

  • Paycheck, if your premium is paid through a spouse's paycheck for their employer group plan

  • Benefits election from your spouse's employer

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