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What do the tags mean when I'm shopping for an insurance plan?
What do the tags mean when I'm shopping for an insurance plan?

Easy Enroll, Partner Enroll, Self Enroll- what's the deal?

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Take Command Health is a platform that makes it easier for folks to find a health insurance plan that works best for them! We provide information and guidance in an easy-to-use way that makes the process of shopping for insurance easier to understand. However, the actual plans are administered by different insurance carriers, which means that the application methods can vary depending on the plan you choose!

We tag plans with either Easy Enroll, Easy Enroll-Extra Step, or Self Enroll, to let you know how the actual application process will work for that specific plan! Here's an in-depth explanation of each of the tags:

Easy Enroll: With Easy Enroll plans, we can send the application to the insurance carrier on your behalf, so the checkout process can be done completely using our platform! You do not have to visit any other sites to purchase this plan- we can apply for you.

Easy Enroll - Extra Step: For these plans, you will need to reach out to the carrier after we have submitted your application. We will send you an email with detailed instructions on what extra step is needed by you to complete your enrollment. The most common occurrence that is needed is giving the carrier the payment information. Some carriers will not allow us to send them that information and require you to give it to them directly.

Self-Enroll: With Self-Enroll plans, you will be directed to another, separate site to check out and apply for your plan. We'll help you choose the right one, but you'll have to purchase the plan on a different site, that we'll direct you to. Then come back and finish signing up for the HRA by uploading your proof of coverage.

Tax-Advantaged: If your employer provides AutoPay, you might encounter this tax benefit. Hovering over this will display the following information:

A Tax-Advantaged plan can help reduce your taxable income in end-of-year tax reporting, provided your plan qualifies for this status.

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