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How do I cancel my health insurance?
How do I cancel my health insurance?

How to cancel a plan with your carrier

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For any modifications, updates, or cancellations of your health insurance plan, please contact your health insurance provider directly. If you encounter any difficulties with the carrier and your enrollment was through an Easy Enroll plan, you may also reach out to us for assistance.

In the event of employment termination, you must inform your insurance carrier to officially cancel the plan. Alternatively, you may choose to retain the plan at your own expense, or you can contact your marketplace to apply for premium tax credits.

What if I'm changing insurance mid-year?

Take Command Health is unable to cancel your insurance plan. Once you've completed your changes or cancellation with your health insurance company, you then notify us and we will update everything on our end to complete the process!
​If you are changing insurance to a new carrier, you'll need to submit a new recurring premium claim with your new insurance documents to your employee portal so our compliance team can review those.

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