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Application Submission Deadlines

What happens if I submit my application on the last day of the month?

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When you enroll in an easy enrollment plan via the shopping section of the onboarding process, we are responsible for submitting the application and the proper documents to the carriers on your behalf.

This makes it super easy for you to sign up for a health insurance plan! However, in order for us to make sure all documents get to the carriers in a timely manner in order to get a first of the month start date, we have in place some deadlines for you to choose a plan.

Outside of Open Enrollment

During special enrollment times of the year, any application sent to Take Command after 5 pm on the last day of the month will not be submitted to the carrier until the next business day. This will cause a start day of the 1st of the following month. (for example, if you submit an application at 6:00 pm on August 31st, your application will not be submitted until the following business day, giving you an October 1st start date)

When do I have to choose my plan to have a start date by the first of the following month?

Because different carriers vary in how quickly they process applications, day 1 of the next month's start dates cannot be guaranteed if applications are submitted after the 15th of the month. (For example, if you enroll in a plan on the 16th of August, there is no guarantee that you will have coverage on September 1st.)

If you have any questions or you are unsure about your situation, feel free to chat with our support team to get more guidance and information!

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