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How to add dependents to your insurance policy?
How to add dependents to your insurance policy?
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When you expand your family through the birth of a child, adoption or foster care, you have 60 days to add your newest addition to your insurance plan. Here are the steps to take to ensure you get insurance coverage for your child:

  1. Call your insurance company within 60 days of child’s birth

  2. Have their birth certificate handy for verification

  3. Rest assured that once the insurance is approved, it will start the day your child was born, so any immediate doctor’s visits within the first few weeks will be covered

To add a dependent to your policy you will need to reach out to your Insurance Carrier directly. It is important that when you connect with the Support Team for your Insurance Carrier that you let them know that you are reaching out to add a dependent to your 'Individual Health Care Plan'.

Once the dependents are added to your coverage by your insurance carrier, be sure to upload the new proof of coverage and add the dependents into your Take Command employee portal settings. This will ensure you receive the correct allowance rate.

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