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What happens if I miss my Qualified Life Event or Special Enrollment Period
What happens if I miss my Qualified Life Event or Special Enrollment Period
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If you have missed your Special Enrollment Period and need Health Insurance there are some options available.

Short-term plans were built for relatively healthy young individuals to provide them limited healthcare coverage while they are in between major life events, such as switching jobs, marital changes, or other qualifying events.

Why are these so appealing? These are typically much cheaper than major medical plans which makes them attractive, particularly to young and healthy people who don't expect any health issues. Because these plans are not controlled by the ACA, they are available to purchase year-round.  

Note: short-term insurance plans do not qualify as Minimum Essential Coverage for QSEHRA. For more information on finding a QSEHRA-compatible plan, check out this helpful article.

See below for information on the 2 short-term plans we recommend, along with links to much more information on each!

Pivot Health

Pivot provides short-term medical insurance solutions until a qualified major medical health plan is chosen. Pivot plans are renewable 90-day plans which, in most states, can be automatically renewed 4 times without additional medical screening to provide up to 12 months of continuous coverage. This is a great option for those who plan on obtaining health insurance shortly - through a new job, a change in marriage status, or some other form of a life change.

Pivot Health does not have a doctor network, so you can use any doctor or facility.

United Health One

This affordable alternative offers a lot of flexibility to those looking for a short-term solution. First consumers choose the term length- from 30 day minimum up to the state maximum. Then they choose a deductible and coinsurance amount that fits the budget. 

Enrollees have access to United Health Care’s large network of doctors and hospitals. With the United Health One plan you must use a network doctor or hospital for insurance to pay for eligible expenses, only emergencies are allowed out of network.

State Limitations

A few states have specific duration rules for short-term plans, including Pivot. Be sure to reference this Help Article for more information on those limitations.

Note: Short-term plans are not eligible for reimbursement under an ICHRA even with a Minimal Essential Coverage supplemental.

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