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Adding Students/Contacts (Individual Teacher Account)
Adding Students/Contacts (Individual Teacher Account)

Use these step-by-step instructions to add new students.

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Adding Contacts on the Web Application:

When looking in a new classroom, you will see an option in the upper right-hand corner that says 'Add students.'

Upon clicking this, you'll see the options we offer for adding students and their contacts to your TalkingPoints accounts.

  1. Invite by code

  2. Add students manually

Option 1: 'Add students manually' allows teachers to enter individual contact information, or upload a spreadsheet with multiple contacts.

Option 2: 'Invite by code' allows parents to download the TalkingPoint for Parents Mobile App and enter a code to be automatically added to a teacher's class. For more instructions on invite codes, click here. On the righthand side, there is a letter that explains to families how the TalkingPoint app works and how to connect to your class in their home language via the app mobile app or SMS text.

Adding Contacts on the Mobile App:

Step 1: Click on classes and select the three dots next to the class you would like to add students to.
Step 2: Select 'Add Students'.
Step 3: Choose the method you would like to use in adding contacts.

Video Instructions:

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