What is TalkingPoints?

Get to know the basics before you dive into TalkingPoints!

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Learn about our privacy policy and compliance with state laws.

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Getting Started

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or admin, here is where you begin!

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TalkingPoints for Families

Help articles in our top languages answering our top questions for families.

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Connecting with Families

Find translated letters and forms, along with tools and tips for connecting with your families.

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Learn about adding and managing your students and their contacts.

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Learn more about TalkingPoints translation features.

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Learn how TalkingPoints messages are sent and the additional features you can use.

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Learn about our attachment features - photos, videos, polls, PDFs and links.

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Guides and Printables

How-to videos, webinars, and other resources for teachers, parents, and admin.

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Account Settings

Learn how to manage your TalkingPoints account.

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TalkingPoints for District Admins

Learn about the ins and outs of Administrative access in your TalkingPoints for Districts account.

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TalkingPoints for School Admins

Learn about the ins and outs of Administrative access in your TalkingPoints for Schools account.

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TalkingPoints for School Teachers

Learn to make the most of your TalkingPoints for School Teachers account.

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