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Getting Started Guide for Families
Getting Started Guide for Families

Learn how to make the most of your TalkingPoints Families App.

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Have you already downloaded the TalkingPoints for Families app? If so, read our step-by-step guide to learn how to log in for the first time, personalize your settings, and send your first message!

Log In

Step 1: Select the language you would like to send and receive messages in.

Step 2: Type in your mobile phone number (required) and your email address (optional).

Step 3: Check your text messages for a 5-digit verification code from TalkingPoints. Enter the verification code to continue.

Step 4: Join your student’s class! Input the 6-digit class code. If you do not know the class code, ask the teacher.

Step 5: Enter your student's name and your relationship to the student. If you are the student, select 'Student.'

Complete Your Profile

Step 1: Tap the 'Settings' tab.

Step 2: Tap 'Personal info' – the first option under Settings.

Step 3: Make your changes to any of the following:

  • Profile photo: Tap ‘Add profile photo’ to add your photo. To update your profile photo, select ‘Change profile photo’ under your current photo. Then, you can either take a picture or select one from your gallery.

  • Name: Tap on the name field and enter your name.

  • Phone number: If your phone number ever changes, tap the 'Update' button. Enter your new phone number, then the 5-digit verification code to complete the change.

  • Language: Tap on your current language, then select a new language.

Step 4: Tap ‘Save.’

Adding a photo to your profile will help your child's teacher get to know you better. Consider adding a photo of yourself and your child together.

Send a Message

Step 1: Tap the 'Send a message' button from either the home page or 'Messages' tab.

Step 2: Select the teacher you wish to contact.

Step 3: Write your message, and tap the send button. The teacher will be notified of your message.

When the teacher replies, you will receive a notification via the app.

You can also tap the '+' button to the left of the message to take a photo, send a video, or choose a photo from your gallery.

Join Another Class

Step 1: Tap the ‘Settings’ tab.

Step 2: For an existing student, tap their name, and then 'Join a class.' Or, if you’d like to join a class for another student, start by tapping 'Add new student.'

Step 3: Enter the 6-digit class code. If you are adding a new student, you will also need to enter the student’s information.

For more family resources, visit our Help Center.

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