Families often wonder if they have to wait for teachers to reach out to them or if they can initiate conversations with their children's teachers. Well, TalkingPoints is a two-way messaging platform that encourages involvement from both parties so here are instructions and tips for messaging your teachers!

Whether in SMS text or in the TalkingPoints for Parents App, you are able to send direct messages to your child's teachers. In SMS text, simply send the message to the same number you have received messages from in the past.

In the app, go into the message thread for that teacher and compose a message in the box as shown below.

Tips for communicating with your child's teachers:

  1. Ask questions when you have them. Teachers don't expect you to figure everything out on your own. You are a team, working together to help your child achieve success!

  2. Stay in frequent contact. Let them know you are dedicated to being part of that team.

  3. Make your availability known. Your child will appreciate being told when the best time to reach you will be.

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