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Readability Flag Feature for Announcements
Readability Flag Feature for Announcements

The meaning of the "plain English" flag for teachers and why it's important to communicate simply.

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The Readability Flag feature helps teachers communicate in ways that support families with lower literacy levels, and who may not be native English speakers and/or familiar with terms common in the US education system. The Readability Flag feature will lead to improved translation, accessibility for parents, and ultimately, increase family engagement.

See how it works:

If a teacher uses lingo that will be hard for parents to understand, this feature is designed to flag those issues.

When a teacher writes a message or announcement that exceeds a 6th grade reading level, an orange flag will appear next to the message. Clicking the flag opens a box that explains why the message was flagged.

Once the announcement is simplified, it can be sent.

Additional Tool for Writing for Understanding and Translation:

This feature highlights abbreviations, acronyms, and other misspellings so that the user has the opportunity to correct them.

You can click the highlighted term for a description of the suggested change, and then have the option to accept the change, automatically updating the message.

Option A: In this example, the suggestion for "asap" was accepted and changed to "as soon as possible." If you accept the recommendation, the system updates the word count accordingly.

Option B: Should you decide to ignore the suggestion, simply click "No thanks" and the character count remains the same.

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