Teachers can connect with families in two ways through TalkingPoints: the mobile app and SMS text. See the following instructions for how to set up families via SMS text messaging.

  1. Choose a class and select "add students."

  2. Click the option to "invite family contacts via text message."

  3. Ask families to send a message to the phone number associated with your TalkingPoints account. Once they send a message to this number, they will be prompted to send a code. Each code is specific to the family's home language.

    4. Once the code is sent, families will be able to communicate with teachers in their home languages.

    *Please note:

    1. Teachers' personal phone numbers are not used to communicate with families. The phone number in the TalkingPoints account is an auto-generated number used to protect teachers' privacy.

    2. Downloadable PDF's are available for teachers to send to parents to explain how TalkingPoints works.

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