"I don’t want women to give up after having a baby, thinking that their body will never be the same. The truth is that it probably won’t ever be the same. It can be even better.” – Tammy 

Most new mums will experience this. It can really be a mental struggle when you just want to bounce back! Stick to clean eating as nutrition is an essential part of losing weight. 

For those who have already completed the post-pregnancy program: If you are trying to lose fat while focusing on the rest of your body, we recommend continuing with 1-2 sessions of HIIT a week along with one of the programs. Maybe even a little boxing too, it really gets your heart rate up and is a perfect cardio balance for losing weight. 

Checking with your doctor or physician at the end of your post-pregnancy program is a great idea too. They can support you with anything else that you may need to continue with regular program exercises.

Just remember your body is healing and that excess weight can take some time work off. What we do know is that you're already on your journey to looking and feeling more amazing than ever.


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You can find more information about our pregnancy programs here. If you have other questions about anything at all, don't hesitate to contact support via your profile in the app, or at support@tammyhembrow.org. We're here to help. 💌

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