SMS campaigns are a quick way to reach your customers, communicate effectively, and drive conversions. What makes SMS campaigns tick off further is how engaging the copy is and of course the use of vibrant media assets like images, gifs, etc.

With BayEngage, you can make your SMS campaigns 10X more engaging with the Multimedia messages (MMS feature).

📖 Recommended Read: If you are new to SMS marketing, read this help article on getting started with SMS on BayEngage.

How To Send MMS On BayEngage

  1. Login to your BayEngage account and head over to “SMS” and click on “SMS Ideas”.

2. Choose a template that you like and hover on the template and click on “Select template”. Now, name your SMS campaign and click on “Create”.

3. Choose the recipient list to whom you want to send the campaign and set a delivery threshold.

💡Note: Set up a delivery threshold of the number of SMS messages you want to send in a day. Delivery Control is when the users on the selected list will not receive an SMS if they have received an SMS in the selected number of days/weeks/months.

4. Next, edit the SMS template that you have chosen by inserting personalization, adding emojis, and you can also change the template that you have chosen by clicking on “Browse SMS ideas”.

The “Upload image” option allows you to add MMS to your message. Click on “Upload image” and click on “upload” to add media files or simply do a drag and drop.

You can add images in the following formats:

  • Gif

  • Jpg

  • Png

💡Note: You can upload maximum of 20 images at a time in to the image gallery. The maximum image size that can be uploaded for an MMS is 500KB.

5. Once you are happy with the SMS and MMS (preview on the right side), click on “review and send” to publish your campaign.

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