How to edit and clone an email campaign?
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A campaign that you have created can be deleted, edited, and cloned at any given time. Before we get into how this can be done, let’s look at the meaning:

💡Edit Campaign: You can make changes to the campaign you created (Only in Draft and Paused) by editing anything from the design to the content at any time.

💡Clone Campaign: If you want to duplicate a campaign and make edits to it without spending much time creating it from scratch, you can simply clone the campaign.

💡Delete Campaign: A campaign that is no longer required in your account can be deleted from the list of campaigns. (Only draft campaigns can be deleted)

How to edit and clone a campaign?

  1. Login to the BayEngage account or create a new account if you don’t have one.

  2. From the left menu, select “Campaigns” (Email Campaigns) to view your campaigns.

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  3. Choose the edit option on the right side and click on the “Clone” option to duplicate the campaign. You can rename the campaign.

4. To edit the campaign, simply click on the Edit button and you will be taken to the campaign editor page.

5. To delete a campaign, choose the campaign by clicking on the checkbox and clicking on the Edit button. You will now see an option to delete the campaign. Delete works only for the campaigns in the draft status.

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🤔 Why should I clone a campaign?

When the email design and format of your campaigns are similar (think newsletters, welcome emails, promotional campaigns) you can make use of the clone option instead of creating everything from scratch.

🤔 What happens to the original campaign after cloning?

Your original campaign stays intact. By cloning you only create a copy that is editable. You have the option to rename the copy so that there is no confusion.

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