Tarjimly can be used by anyone with a humanitarian purpose. Using Tarjimly for business or academics is a violation of our terms of use.

Visit Tarjimly Stories (tarjimly.org/stories) to see how Tarjimly has helped humanity!

Common beneficiaries:

  • Refugees, asylees, and evacuees

  • Aid workers / Humanitarian Workers / Service Providers

  • Internally displaced persons

  • Immigrant communities

  • Limited-English Proficient (LEP) patients

Commons scenarios:

  • Conversations with medics, lawyers, case workers, teachers

  • Distribution support

  • Registrations for school or work, or government forms

  • Document translation

Common exchanges:

  • Conversation interpreting through phone calls or audio files

  • Simple text translations

  • More complex document, picture, or video translations

We understand that the definition of "humanitarian purpose" has grey areas. Translators have the right to make judgment calls on conversations they are comfortable translating for. As an organization, we support using Tarjimly for meaningful translations that don't necessarily fall within the legal definition of a "refugee" but still require humanitarian help.

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