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How do you manage confidentiality?
How do you manage confidentiality?
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How do you manage confidentiality?

  1. All volunteers must agree to our Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy before beginning to accept sessions. We believe that a Code of Conduct is only as useful as its real-life application. We, therefore, chose a simple and clear Code of Conduct that is read and understood by Tarjimly Translators and Beneficiaries, over a lengthy detailed one that gathers virtual dust on the back pages of the website.

  2. The Tarjimly app offers a training to improve volunteers' professionalism as interpreters/translators. The training covers the ethics of interpretation and best practices, on which they are tested at the end.

  3. Beneficiaries can review a training to learn the best ways to protect their data, and how to make the most of their interpretation session.

  4. Conversations on Tarjimly are anonymous by default and all personal information is self-provided during the conversation (other than your first name).

  5. Beneficiaries can choose to share as little or as much information as is needed, but Tarjimly advises against sharing Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

  6. Phone numbers are not shared. Translator and Beneficiary phone numbers are hidden.

  7. Communications are encrypted at rest and in transit today.

  8. Conversations are deleted from the translator's end once a session is ended.

  9. All those working at Tarjimly who have access to session data have signed an extensive confidentiality agreement.

  10. Your data is safe with us. Tarjimly does not share session or user data with third parties.

  11. We have a full-time staff member who is reviewing sessions for quality and for breaches of confidentiality.

  12. Tarjimly's matching algorithm leverages Conversation feedback provided by both parties and manual review from our staff.

  13. Beneficiaries can easily report translators if they have concerns about them. If a Beneficiary rates a translator negatively, they are asked if they'd like to report them.

  14. Beneficiaries can choose no record conversations as part of Tarjimly Premium, where you can choose to have your conversation data never stored.

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