If you're wondering if you can use Tarjimly volunteers to translate legal or immigration court documents, the answer is it depends.

Requirements for "Certified Translations" differ based on location and purpose for which you are translating the documents. Always diligently check the legal requirements for certified translations, such as immigration papers, birth certificates, business contracts, supporting documents for Marriage Green Cards, death certificates, and court transcripts.

In the United States, it's possible to use Tarjimly translators to translate documents for immigration court (e.g. asylum case supporting documents) if the translator signs a document that confirms that they speak both languages fluently, and that they translated the documents truly and accurately to the best of their abilities. Here are a couple of useful samples:

When translating important documents, it's good practice to either:

a) Have the document proofread by a second translator to ensure accuracy.

b) Request a reverse translation once the translation is complete. This means requesting a second translator after the document is translated, to revert the document back to the original language to ensure accuracy.

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