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How can I correct my name in my profile if I accidentally misspelled it?
How can I correct my name in my profile if I accidentally misspelled it?


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If you create an account and then realize that the username you entered to create your account is misspelled, you have a few options to remedy the problem. 

Do you have a current job open or do you have any job history?

No: Simply create another account with the properly spelled email. 

Yes: Once you have jobs tied to your username, your profile and documents will be connected to that username. In order to ensure any emails from Taxfyle are sent to the correct address, you may change your email within your profile on the top right corner of the web page. If you are creating a job through the mobile app, you will be prompted to confirm your email before submission. However, please note that this will not change your username, only the email with which communications are sent. 

What if you don’t want to continue using the misspelled username even though it is connected to your job history?

No worries, you can always create another account. Please note however that your new account will not have any documentation from your past projects. If you would like to retrieve prior documents, they are always available for download out of your initial account.  Once the new account is created, you can go ahead and re-upload your documents to your new account.  It's that easy.

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