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But of course!

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If you require your job to be reopened after your job is completed to resume chatting with your Tax Pro, you can contact the Support Team for assistance. To do this, you can use the Help Chat button at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen (and select Follow up with Pro). The Support Team will be able to reopen your job and provide the necessary assistance.

Taxfyle encourages jobs to be reopened in specific situations. Here are some scenarios where you can request to reopen your job:

  • Need to ask follow-up questions to your Pro about your completed return: If you have questions or need further clarification regarding your completed tax return, you can request to reopen the job to reconnect with your Tax Pro and discuss any concerns or inquiries.

  • Something missing on your return that needs to be amended: If you realize that something important was missing or needs to be corrected on your tax return after it has been completed, you can request to reopen the job. This will allow you to work with your Tax Pro to make the necessary amendments and ensure the accuracy of your filing.

  • Received a notice from the IRS for your return: If you receive a notice from the IRS related to your tax return that requires attention or further action, you can request to reopen the job. This will enable you to collaborate with your Tax Pro in addressing the notice and taking appropriate steps to resolve any issues raised by the IRS. When your job gets reopened in this instance, please upload a copy of the notice you received through the Documents section for your Pro to review.

In any of these cases, it is recommended to reach out to Taxfyle's Support Team through the Help Chat. They will help you in reopening the job and reconnect with your Tax Pro to address your specific needs or concerns.

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