Learning Goals Analysis: Track Progress

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Watch the Tutorial To See How Learning Goals Analysis Works (See below to find it on the app)

Progress Tracking, Frameworks and Curricula

The learning goal analysis section tracks children's development based on learning stories, curricula and frameworks being used by you. Learning stories can be found in the TeachKloud: Childcare App and also on the school interface under the teachers section. Once learning stories have been added, TeachKloud automatically tracks progress.

The frameworks or curricula displayed are dependent on your country or the curriculum chosen by you. To manage this, select account > curricula section. Here you can select what is relevant or add your own bespoke curriculum!

Learning Goals Analysis on the App

  1. Select the last button on the bottom right hand corner (usually an initial or your profile image)

  2. Scroll down and select the green icon 'Learning Analysis'

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