On your Surfer profile, you can select the button “Add to slack” in the bottom left hand corner. You’ll then be taken to a different browser. In here, please “Allow” surfboard notifications to access your slack workspace.

You’ll then be Surfing in Slack!

When you return to your Slack app, you’ll see Surfboard listed as one of your integrated apps along with a welcome message.

How does Surfboard in slack work?

We’ll remind you when your shift is about to start and when you change activities throughout the day.

You’ll get a reminder 10 minutes before you’re due to change activity and two minutes before to make sure you change in time.

You can also sync your slack status with Surfboard so the rest of your team knows at a glance what you’re working on. You can turn this off whenever you like by going to the Surfboard extension in Slack and typing the command /surfboard status off.

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