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What does the Loan Application process look like?
What does the Loan Application process look like?
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Tenet’s financing Application consists of 6 main steps:

  1. Vehicle Selection: Select in our application the vehicle that you intend to finance with us. Specify the Year, Make, Model, Trim, and Mileage (if used) as well as the purchase price & finance amount. You can then customize your loan offer for that particular vehicle and funding amount. Don't worry you can always Edit your Offer, Income, or Vehicle again later on.

  2. See your Pre-qualified Rate & Terms: To see your pre-qualified rate, you will only need to provide a few pieces of basic personal information, including name, address, date of birth, employer, occupation, income, etc., (SSN if Credit is Locked). We will use this information to conduct a soft credit pull, which has no impact on your credit.

  3. Select a Loan Offer: Select the finance amount, loan term, and deferred payment you would like with your loan offer. Note: Offers expire 30 days after we first request your soft credit report.

  4. Complete Verifications: Enter your VIN, and upload the required documents. Once we have all the required documents, it typically takes us 1 to 2 Business Days to verify Individual Personal Loans.

    1. Income Verification (May be verified by your Credit).

    2. Driver's License - Front & Back.

      1. OEM (Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, etc): Purchase Confirmation from OEM - With Tenet Energy listed as the lender. As well as specify the finance amount matching the finance amount on your Tenet Offer before Add-Ons.

      2. Dealer: Purchase Confirmation / Customer signed Bill of Sale from Dealer - Tenet Energy Inc. 169 Madison Ave STE 2922, New York, NY, 10016, listed as the lienholder with our State ELT Code # XXXXX and amount financed matching what you selected on your Tenet Offer before Add-Ons.

        1. Proof of down payment ((if any) Picture of; Wire/ACH/Debit, Check).

        2. Dealership Info - Contact Info.

    3. For Refinance Loans, 10-day payoff quote.

  5. Sign Loan Agreement: We will send you a loan agreement, including any additional Add-Ons, to sign via DocuSign email.

  6. Funding:

    1. For Purchase Loans, we'll be able to initiate Wiring directly to the Dealer, and share confirmation shortly afterwards. Wires can be initiated on the Week of your Delivery, which will finish processing a business day before your delivery unless on The Weekend or Holiday.

    2. For Refinance Loans, we'll be able to wire or mail a check directly to your lender, and once processed, the loan will be transferred to us.

      Note: Refinancing can sometimes take up to a month to process, depending on the lender. We will notify you when the check/wire has been cashed/processed. Until then, please continue to make payments as normal to your lender. Once you've reviewed and e-signed, we'll be able to wire or mail a check directly to your lender, and once processed, the loan will be transferred to us.

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