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What Products does Tenet offer?
What Products does Tenet offer?
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Tenet EV Finance is a financial services startup that makes owning electric vehicles (EVs) and living sustainably more affordable. Our innovative product line includes:

Individual New Purchase & Refinance Loans:

We offer flexible loans for buying or refinancing EVs. Our unique deferred payment option helps to lower your monthly payment, thanks to the slower depreciation rate of EVs.

With financing built for Turo & Getaround hosts, Tenet makes it easy for you to scale your electric vehicle fleet and increase your earnings.

Tenet offers vehicle Purchase or Refinance loans that are written to a business rather than to an individual.

With financing built for Uber & Lyft Drivers in New York City, Tenet has launched a new program to offer financing specifically for ride share drivers in NYC. Our financing helps Drivers take advantage of TLC returning the exemption of TLC License Plates for Electric Vehicles. Apply today and help accelerate NYC into a cleaner future!


Applicants are required to make at least 1 payment on their existing loan prior to refinancing a loan with Tenet.

Add-Ons (optional)

We offer GAP insurance to cover any potential difference between your vehicle’s current value and your remaining loan balance in case of a total loss.

Tenet's Electric Vehicle Extended Warranty is an extended warranty product offered via our partner XCare. It can be purchased during your Tenet loan application, and rolled into your final loan amount.

With Tenet's EV Charger Add-On, we can set you up with financing for both the car and the charger today so you're ready to go from the start. By adding the purchase & installation of a Home Vehicle Charger sold by Treehouse to your EV loan, or just the installation of a Home Vehicle Charger you already bought, like The Tesla Wall Connector from Tesla. Treehouse Installation is currently available to residents in certain zipcodes within Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

You can also finance just the purchase of the Home Vehicle Charger sold by Treehouse without the installation, to your EV loan, in all the States that Tenet lends in.

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