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How do I make payments?
How do I make payments?
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To make a payment via ACH (preferred method);

  1. Proceed to your Tenet Dashboard and click on "Make a Payment".

  2. You will then be asked to connect your preferred bank account via PLAID Link or Link with account numbers using Micro Deposits if you haven't done so already. If already connected, Input the "Payment Amount" and click "Continue".

    1. If you would like to make a payment towards your Loans Principal instead of The upcoming Monthly Payment, mark off "Apply this payment to my remaining principal balance".

  3. Select the "Payment Method" and click "Continue".

  4. Please review your payment details and click "Submit".

Are there any penalties for early payments?

No penalties with Tenet! If you pay off your Loan early with Tenet, you will only pay the remaining principal plus the interest since your last monthly payment at the time.

Once you have connected your bank account, you can also enroll in automatic payments ("AutoPay") in your Tenet Dashboard Payment Settings. AutoPay automatically deducts your monthly payment from your bank account via ACH on the day it is due, ensuring that you never miss a payment. If you choose to enroll in AutoPay before your loan is funded, you receive a 0.25% APR discount as well!

If you are unable to submit payments via ACH, you may also mail a check to:

Can I make monthly payments via Credit or Debit Card?

At this time, Tenet does not accept payments made via credit or debit card.

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