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How do I pay off my loan?
How do I pay off my loan?
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Request a payoff letter from the Tenet Team by contacting us from the phone or email linked to your Tenet Account.

We will then send you a payoff letter indicating your 10-day payoff amount, which is the amount needed to pay off your loan in full, even after it accrues 10 additional days of interest. Paying this amount ensures that your loan is paid in full even if it takes several days for your payment to arrive.

You can pay off your loan via any of the following methods:

  • ACH: Make a one-time ACH payment for the full payoff amount via your Tenet Dashboard or to the account listed on your payoff quote.

  • Wire: Send us a wire for the full payoff amount to the account listed on your payoff quote.

  • Check: Please mail standard & overnight payoffs for the full amount and ensure that it arrives within 10 days of the payoff quote being received.

Note: It may take up to 7 business days to process the payoff via ACH or Wire, or a few business weeks for us to process a Payoff Check (Please provide Tracking Number (Check Payoffs will be applied to date in which Check was received, instead of date of processing, so no additional interest will accrue in between receiving & processing dates). Please continue to make regular monthly payments with us until we have confirmed that the loan has been paid off in its entirety. Once paid off, we will release the lien on the title to the appropriate party based on the payoff instructions. Any payments made in excess of the payoff amount will be refunded to you.

Are there any penalties for early payments?

No penalties with Tenet! If you pay off your Loan early with Tenet, you will only pay the remaining principal plus the interest since your last monthly payment at the time.

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