If you have already taken an officially administered LSAT, you must use your most recent official score report to establish your baseline score. Submit official proof of this score to info@testmaxprep.com.

If you have not already taken an officially administered LSAT, you must take a simulated full-length LSAT (i.e. 5 sections) under time pressure as follows:

Section 1: 35 minutes
Section 2: 35 minutes
Section 3: 35 minutes

Break: 15 minutes

Section 4: 35 minutes
Section 5: 35 minutes

The June 2007 LSAT can be used for this simulated exam but you must add an additional section. 

Your practice exam must also be taken as a digital LSAT, proctored by one of our team members.

Since this diagnostic must be taken under simulated exam conditions, we must confirm that this is the case in order for your score to count as your baseline score. 

Please contact our support staff by chatting, emailing or calling (855.483.7862 ext. 2) to schedule your diagnostic exam to establish your baseline score. 

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