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Can I connect a monitor to the TetherBox to view cameras locally?
Can I connect a monitor to the TetherBox to view cameras locally?

How to get TetherX displayed on a TV or Monitor

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to connect a TV or monitor directly to a TetherBox. The HDMI ports on the units are used for diagnosing faults only.

The TetherBox is often added as an add-on to an existing installation in order to add the health monitoring, cloud backup, remote maintenance (e.g. tunnelling), audit log, two factor authentication, events view, ability to share footage easily and much more. 

In these situations, the TetherBox adds the extra functionality without disturbing the existing monitor output on site.

If monitor output is required, but there is nothing available on site, possible options include:

  1. Using any existing laptop or desktop, connected to a TV or Monitor.

  2. Using any smart phone, tablet, smart TV etc available on site.

  3. You can use technologies like Chromecast or Airplay to quickly send both recordings and live view from your mobile to most modern TVs.

  4. Adding a cheap NVR or a unit like Spotbox just for the monitor output.

Note: our platform is accessed from a web browser and iOS and Android app. It automatically uses local streaming when used locally on site. Streaming live and recorded footage will not use the Internet, even when accessed from multiple devices.

Note: The quality of the live image will be determined by the device's capabilities. If you have a SmartTV that can only show a single HD stream, when you view multiple cameras, they will display in lower quality.

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