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Common questions we are asked at Tether

My TetherBox stopped automatically powering up after a power cut, what do I do?
How do I stop receiving emails from TetherX?
Can you add cameras to the same account from different sites?
Why am I sometimes not able to tunnel to a camera?
How do I delete a user or their access to a timeline?
How do I add a Hikvision AX Pro Alarm Panel to TetherX?
Can an engineer work for multiple Security Companies using the same user account?
Can I use TetherBoxes over a 4G/5G Connection?
What are the best USB storage options for use with a TetherBox?
What are the minimum hardware specs to access TetherX?
How much power does a TetherBox consume?
How do I delete a TetherBox?
How do I download CCTV footage?
How do I delete a camera?
What does TetherX connect to?
What is the process for invoicing integrators?
I can't find a user, what do I do?
Why does The TetherBox (5 channel) require an external drive for video surveillance?
How do I connect a monitor to The TetherBox (2/5 Channel)
Texecom - How to deal with a UDL Lockout (TetherX)
How to setup Paxton Net2 with TetherX
What ANPR cameras are compatible with TetherX?
Is TetherX NDAA compliant?
What cameras does TetherX support?
How do I enable ONVIF on my camera?
Best Snapshot Technology
How do I use Calipsa with TetherX?
Can I limit the number of days a TetherBox records?
I have a customer with thousands of sites, what are your recommendations for mass deployment?
Finding events and footage in TetherX
Does TetherX connect to Alarm Panels?
Can I add a camera live stream to an existing Video or Alarm management system?
How do I use DeepAlert with TetherX?
How do I add a user to TetherX?
Where do I find product details and pricing?
How do I record a single Recorder with multiple TetherBoxes?
How I can use the Timelapse feature?
How can I replace a TetherBox with another TetherBox?
If I have a replacement under warranty does my TetherX warranty reset?
How can I Arm/Disarm Cameras & Locations?
How long does TetherBox store images internally?
I believe TetherX missed an event, what do I do?
How do I reduce false events?
How to set up TetherX to report to Sentinel or IMMIX?
How do I enable machine learning?
Can I use custom branding?
What happens when a video is flagged?
What is the minimum connection speed required by a TetherBox?
What encryption does TetherX use?
What is a timeline and when should I create a new timeline?
How does the TetherBox find devices on my network?
How often are updates performed and who is responsible for doing that?
How many sites can I support remotely?
What is the TetherX/TetherBox warranty?
Setting up a Hikvision Camera
Does TetherX support H.265?
How do I set up analytics / video motion detection on my cameras?
Can I access my TetherBox while it is offline?
How can I use the Audio Challenge feature?
Can I attach additional external storage to a TetherBox?
How Do I Set Up and Use the Integrator Report?
How do I set up camera analytics notifications?
Does TetherX Integrate with Paxton?
How to fix a boot device?
10 Questions to Ask Your CCTV Supplier
What is the difference between the "Monitor" and "Record" mode?
What security standards does TetherX follow?
Can I use fish-eye / 360 cameras with TetherX?
Can I use 2 factor or multi-factor authentication?
How Do I Reset My TetherX Password?
How do I add a Custom Mask to a Camera?
Do you have iOS and Android apps?
What is TetherX's Support & SLA Policy?
Can a TetherBox monitor more than 5 cameras?
How do I find my activated TetherBox?
How do I share Events & Video with TetherX?
Can I connect a monitor to the TetherBox to view cameras locally?
How do I flag events?
How do I factory reset a TetherBox?
How do I tunnel into a device?
Which cameras and DVRs/NVRs are compatible with TetherX?
What are the Recommended Specifications for Building TetherBox Units?
How do I move a camera to another TetherBox?
Adding Telephone Number Links in TetherX