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How do I flag events?
How do I flag events?

What can you flag and how are flagged events protected.

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Flagging events is a mechanism to both protect important events as well as to quickly refer back to previously flagged events. You can search for flagged events by tapping on "flagged"in the filter menu on the left hand side:

How to flag an event?

  1. To flag an event, open the event and tap on the "flag" button. This will flag the event and protect the contents of the event from being deleted for 1 year. If you have a cloud subscription, the contents of this event will also be backed up in the cloud.

How to flag multiple events (on PC)

  1. To flag multiple events, open the events page and find the events you want to flag.

  2. Use your mouse or cursor to press and hold to draw a box around the events you want to flag.

  3. Now use the toggle bar at the top of the screen to Flag and Unflag all of the events selected.

Pro Tip - Hover over any sections you are unsure about to see more details.

How much can I flag and how long are flagged events protected

You can flag up to 8 hours of events per camera to be protected. Those events will be protected for 12 months from the date of the event.

If you need to protect more than 8 hours of events, please get in touch with us to discuss the available options on

Note: If you factory reset the unit, delete the camera or the event, it will be permanently deleted, even if it is flagged.

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