Tunnelling allows you to access any network device, as if you were on site. You can:

  • (re)configure cameras remotely (including update firmware)

  • (re)configure routers remotely

  • (re)configure any other IP device

With Tether, you can achieve this without port forwarding, static IPs or special software.

Tunnelling to any Network Device (e.g. NVR / Router):

  1. Tap the 'Cog Wheel' at the top left and tap "Admin"

2) Tap on 'Devices'  (or Cameras if you wish to tunnel to a camera)

3) Tap the name of the device or camera you wish to tunnel to:

4) Tap the 'Tunnels' tab followed by 'Open tunnel'. 

5) A URL will appear, tap on it to go straight into the device.

Limitations / Considerations

Please be aware of these device specific limitations:

  • Certain devices (especially older IP cameras) may require ActiveX, Java, Silverlight or other types of plugins. While you can use Tether with any browser without plugins, you may need plugins and/or Internet Explorer to access certain (usually older) devices.

  • Certain firmware versions of certain cameras may not work with Safari/Chrome, you may have a better experience with Firefox, or vice versa.

  • Certain devices may need more than a single port opened in order to have full functionality, please refer to the device's manual or contact the manufacturer of the device for more details.

  • By default, a tunnel is created to port 80, if you modify the default settings, or otherwise the device has a web interface on a different port, please specify it after clicking the Open Tunnel button.

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