If you had your system installed by one of our security installation partners please contact them to update your cameras remotely using this guide. If you would like to update your Hikvision devices yourself please follow the guide bellow.

  1. Download the latest Hikvision firmware by visiting the Hikvision Downloads Page

  2. Extract the firmware archive, it should contain the file: digicap.dav

  3. Create a tunnel into your hikvision device.

  4. Login to your Hikvision device and navigate to "Configuration" then "Maintenance".

  5. At the bottom of the page under the 'Upgrade' header, press on "Browse"

  6. Use the file navigator window that pops up to select the digicap.dav file you downloaded earlier

  7. Click on 'Upgrade'

For more additional information, here is a video from Hikvision Technical Support.

Alternative speak to one of our team

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