There are 2 primary ways to share information on the platform:

  1. You can share an event by generating a link or emailing the event directly from the platform.

    The accessing person will have all information in context: video surveillance, alarm panel information, access control, ANPR, analytics and anything else that is enabled in the platform.

  2. You can create a temporary user with access to specific zones/locations with an expiry date.

    If the person fails to access the relevant evidence in time, they will be provided with contact details of the person that granted the temporary access to be able to ask to extend the expiry date.

1. Sharing an Event

Sharing is a feature to provide temporary access to events outside of the platform. These events can be shared either with a unique URL generated or alternatively an email.

Users take advantage of this feature when they need to share an event with anyone outside of their organisation, e.g. police. This is specifically useful as it saves time on manually downloading each recording and image.

To share an event follow these four steps.

1) Navigate to the Events page

2) Locate the event to share and click the event thumbnail

3) Click the 'Share this Event' button to list the two sharing options 

4) Sharing options

  • Email: This allows emailing the event directly to one or more people. They will be able to go straight in without needing to login.
  • Copy Link: This copies the URL for the event. You can then paste the URL into an email, instant message, or anywhere else to share access to this event.

Note: You can stop outside access to the event by clicking the 'Unshare' button

2. Creating a Temporary User

You can also create a user as you normally do by clicking on the cogs in the top right -> User -> New User. From there you can add an expiry date to only give temporary access:

You can also specify the exact permissions you need as usual.

We also offer a service where we can extract the required time period from both the unit and/or cloud and provide a download link.

This extracted information is provided with checksums that are backed up in the cloud to verify the footage has not been tampered with.
Please get in touch with us for more information about this service.

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