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Can a TetherBox monitor more than 5 cameras?
Can a TetherBox monitor more than 5 cameras?

This article explains the monitoring capabilities when using a TetherBox to only record certain cameras in a larger system

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Yes. Adding a TetherBox to a larger overall system will provide the following benefits:

  • Record a subset of cameras locally and/or in the cloud (e.g. TetherBox Pico can record up to 10 cameras).

  • Remotely tunnel to any IP or Serial device on site.

  • Remotely update firmware and (re)configure cameras / routers / switches.

  • Monitor the health 10x more cameras (e.g. TetherBox 5 channel can monitor 50 cameras, TetherBox Giga 20 can monitor 200 cameras, etc).

  • Display a 1fps live feed of 10x more cameras.

Health Monitoring

All cameras added to the TetherX platform will be added to your Health Dashboard, whether they are being recorded or not. This means you can still monitor the health of the whole system and receive notifications such as a camera going offline. You are always up to date.

Events Table

A TetherBox will only record a set number of cameras (e.g. TetherBox Pico 10 will record 10 cameras). This means the following benefits will only apply for up to the channel limit of the TetherBox:

  • Ability to access TetherX recorded events from a browser and app

  • 80% reduction in time to find past events

  • Event representative thumbnails with a red box around the object of interest

  • Ability to share events with a tap

  • See all events across all your sites side by side

  • Time synchronised time-lapse across all your sites

  • and many other benefits of TetherX

Note: If you need to record more cameras at a later date, any existing TetherX system can be upgraded by adding an additional TetherBox


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