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How do I find my activated TetherBox?
How do I find my activated TetherBox?

Explanation how you can search for your activated units.

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Once a unit is activated, it will be linked to:

  • The email of the engineer that activated the unit.

  • The integrator company, allowing the company owners to see all units they are responsible for.

  • If relevant, the enterprise the unit belongs to, this is the enduser company, e.g. Dominos Pizza.

The activated units also hold additional information to help you find the units quickly and easily, some of this information includes:

  • TetherBox name - typically the location name, e.g. Server Room 2 TetherBox

  • TetherBox serial - found on the packaging, quick-start guide and on the bottom of the unit

  • TetherBox postcode - entered during the unit activation

Finding a unit on the Map

Step 1: Open the TetherBoxes Map and zoom in where the unit is roughly located:

Step 2: Tap on the dot of the unit to see vital information as well as ability to access the Timeline or the full details of the unit:

Finding a unit by Name, Serial or Postcode

To find TetherBoxes by Name, Serial or Postcode:

  1. Go to the TetherBoxes page by pressing Admin > TetherBoxes

  2. Make sure Timeline: All is selected in the filter on the left, start typing the Name, Serial or Postcode in the search to see it updating in realtime:

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