You may log a support request through the Tether Platform or by telephone.

In-Platform Support (Preferred)

To log a ticket, simply tap on the help button in the bottom right within the platform:

In-Platform support is typically 70% more effective than other support methods and has the following advantages:

  • We can see what you see on your screen, this really speeds up troubleshooting.

  • If this is a known question/issue, you will immediately see a result from our knowledge base, meaning you don't have to wait for us to respond.

  • If we need longer to investigate an issue, we will keep your ticket open, so nothing slips through the cracks.

  • You can rate your experience when the ticket is closed, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

  • We monitor the support requests and use them to drive our roadmap. This ensures the product improves in a direction that makes your installations quicker and more streamlined.

Note: We normally respond in under an hour (often in as little as 5-10 minutes). See our Support SLA details at the bottom of this document.

Telephone Support

You can get telephone support by calling 0208 099 6260 and selecting "Support" or "Tethercare" if you are a Tethercare customer.

Note: Our focus is a reliable and predictable UK support number that will get you through to someone quickly. While we still urge you to use the in-platform support, this ensures you can speak to a person when you need help.

Dedicated Tether Support

If you have a situation where you would like to ensure someone at Tether is available during commissioning, you can:

  1. Schedule a time with one of our engineers here:

  2. Schedule a time for a live demo of the latest improvements here:

Support SLA

Tether responds to most issues during business hours - 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. For critical issues, we have systems that monitor the platform 24-hours a day.


Complete loss of service

  • 1 working-hour response


Partial loss or interruption affecting a significant number of users

  • 2 working-hours response


Loss of service to a specific group or single end-user or minimal service impact

  • 4 working-hours response

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