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How to fix a boot device?
How to fix a boot device?

Solve the "Reboot and Select proper Boot device" issue.

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You may see this message if the TetherBox is not able to boot from the drive:

This could be caused by one of three things:

  1. Bad Connection - please try unplugging and plugging back the drive cable on both the drive and motherboard ends.

  2. Failed Drive - please purchase a replacement pre-loaded drive from TetherX.

  3. Configuration Issue - this can happen when a drive is replaced, when the CMOS battery runs flat on the motherboard or during certain power cuts/spikes.

Resolving Configuration Issues

1. Enter the BIOS by pressing the Del or F2 keys on the keyboard shortly after switching the unit on. You will see a configuration screen.

Note: Your screen may differ depending on the generation of the TetherBox.

2. Using the left and right arrow keys, go to the Boot section

3. As Boot Option # 1, select your hard drive, on which the system is installed. (Usually Internal hard drive)

4. Go to the Save & Exit section and select Save Changes and Reset option

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