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What ANPR cameras are compatible with TetherX?
What ANPR cameras are compatible with TetherX?

Which ANPR cameras are supported by TetherX

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TetherX is compatible with most ANPR or LPR cameras that advertise the ability to recognise license plate numbers. Please note the cameras must have license plate recognition functionality built into the camera. Some cameras can classify vehicles without the ability to recognise license plate numbers which are not suitable.


We support most ANPR cameras through ONVIF, including those from Axis and Milesight. If you are unsure, please let us know what manufacturer and model you would like to use and we will confirm compatibility.

Hikvision & Dahua

We also have native API support for Hikvision and Dahua. We support all Hikvision ANPR cameras from the DS as well as iDS range and all Dahua ANPR cameras with firmware versions from 2018 and newer.

Here are the models TetherX keep in house for testing, please note all other ANPR camera models are supported from these 2 manufacturers:

  1. Hikvision:

    1. DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZS/P, Software Version: V5.4.5 build 170731

    2. DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZHSWG, Firmware Version: V5.6.10 build 210112

    3. iDS-TCM403-BI, Firmware version: 5.1.0_220823

  2. Dahua

    1. ITC237-PF1A-IR, Software Version: 02.0000.1.R, build: 2017-2-28

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