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Mobotix Camera Setup Guide (for use with TetherX)
Mobotix Camera Setup Guide (for use with TetherX)

Using TetherX with Mobotix Cameras

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Mobotix Move Range

The Mobotix Move range should work out of the box without any additional steps using our Dynacolor integration. The rest of this document talks about the rest of the Mobotix camera range.

You can find more details about the Move range here.

Other Mobotix Cameras

To use Mobotix cameras with TetherX, you need to enable RTSP/ONVIF integration on your Mobotix camera.

1. Using a web browser, log in to your camera via the IP address, username and password created when you activated your camera.

Note: You can use our tunnelling feature if you are setting this up remotely.

2. Admin Menu > Camera Administration > Integration Protocols for video streaming ( RTP server configuration )

3. Tick RTP server and ONVIF Integration checkboxes and press "Set"

4. Manually create an ONVIF user.

The username and password must be different from any other user.

The ONVIF user cannot be used to login to the web interface

5. Confirm that you can receive video in a player such as VLC by using the following link pattern:


6. Return to the admin menu > configuration > store current configuration permanently.

Note: if this is NOT done, when the camera reboots all changes will be lost and the camera will no longer record!

7. Mobotix cameras use a non-standard TCP port ( 8080 ) for ONVIF protocol.

This needs to be set in the TetherX interface to allow receiving events from the camera. click on the edit icon on the Mobotix camera entry.

8. Open the Advanced tab, set the ONVIF port to 8080 and save your changes by clicking "Update Camera".

9. Test the events and recording works as programmed

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