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Can I use 2 factor or multi-factor authentication?
Can I use 2 factor or multi-factor authentication?

How to use two-factor Authentication

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TetherX supports Two-Factor Authentication using the Authy app. You can find more information on the Official Authy Website.

In order to set Two Factor authentication up:

1. Go to Settings > General tab > Two-factor authentication

2. Choose Authy from the dropdown followed by "Update" to save the changes.

3. You will be redirected to the verification page:

4. Enter your phone number and click Register

5. Install and launch the Authy app on your phone. If you did not receive a download link, you can download Authy here: Download Authy

6. Click "I've opened Authy application"

7. In the Authy app, open the TetherX tab. You will see a code which you need to enter on the TetherX platform to login.

8. Enter the code and press Verify:

9. Now, every time you log in from a new device, you will be asked for this verification which you can obtain at any time by opening the Authy app.

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