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I have a customer with thousands of sites, what are your recommendations for mass deployment?
I have a customer with thousands of sites, what are your recommendations for mass deployment?

How to deal with hundreds of thousands of sites

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1) Do you suggest we create a separate timeline per site, or add all (thousands) of sites on to the same timeline?

You can have up to 1,000 sites or 10,000 cameras per Timeline. We recommend splitting up logically by region or by responsibility, e.g. if there are separate legal units responsible for a specific selection of sites.

Note: While sites can be moved between timelines, it does involve a factory reset at present. If this is something that happens frequently, we will provide migration tools to streamline this process.

2) How do you suggest cameras are named?

We recommend naming cameras in a way where it is clear where they are, e.g. "Branch 2512: ATM 1" - or some other logical name to help distinguish the cameras and make them more easily searchable.

3) If we put all cameras under a single Timeline, can we filter events by site?

We use the word "Location" which some people refer to as a "Site". You can indeed filter by locations both in Events and Live view:

4) If we put each site on a separate timeline, can we view the sites side by site?

A Timeline refers to a separate legal entity and information is not accessible side by side between timelines. If this is one single customer and they require to view sites side by side, please ensure they are on the same timeline.

5) How can we automate camera and role assignment for users?

We have roles and groups on our roadmap. While we can't give exact timelines for this, as an immediate solution, if you send us a spreadsheet, we can automate the creation of all users for you and we can copy permissions between users on our backend.

6) What if there are any other mass changes we need to apply to multiple or all sites, how do we do this?

If you send us a spreadsheet or some other instructions, such as: "These 100 users need to have access to this camera", we can action this for you on our backend.

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