Most 360 degree IP cameras will work out of box but there are certain limitations. Different fisheye cameras have different modes, for example:

  • Turning the camera into 4 separate cameras recording different sections (takes up 4 channels on your TetherBox)

  • Recording a fish eye as a single camera

  • Recording 2 cameras at 180 degrees (takes up 2 channels)

  • Single stream where the top part of the image is 180 and bottom is 180 (takes up 1 channel)

For example this is what most AXIS Fisheye cameras provide:

Hikvision camera also provide similar options, where the double panorama view (single channel showing a split 180 degree view) is called "180 Panorama View":


The de-warping of the image is usually done by the IP camera. This is recommended as the algorithm is tuned to take the lens and exact camera into account.

If the camera does not have de-warping, please get in touch with TetherX and we can enable de-warping on a camera by camera basis. Please note there are certain limitations such as the de-warping only works when playing the footage back, the event thumbnails for example still appear as a fish-eye image.

AXIS Companion Cameras

To record from the AXIS Companion range of cameras, you need to add:


To the end of the analytics URL. Please get in touch with TetherX if you are not sure how to do this.

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