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What is the difference between the "Monitor" and "Record" mode?
What is the difference between the "Monitor" and "Record" mode?

Explanation of the difference between the 2 recording modes TetherX has.

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When setting up your cameras, you will see a dropdown allowing you to select "Monitor" or "Record":


  1. Monitor Mode: Monitors the health of your camera and allows viewing live in reduced quality/frame-rate

  2. Record Mode: Records & monitors the health of your camera and allows viewing live in full quality/frame-rate

Monitor Mode

The major advantage to the monitor mode is you can monitor 10x as many devices as your TetherBox can record:

  • E.g. TetherBox Pico with a 10 channel limit can monitor 100 cameras.

Your TetherBox will use a combination of:

  • Pinging the device

  • Using the device's API to check health status (where supported)

  • Requesting a stream from the camera every minute

Should TetherX detect any issues, those will be added to the Integrator Report as well emailed to the integrators / admins set up to receive health notifications.

Monitor mode will also allow you to view the live view from these camera at reduced frame-rate.

Record Mode

Record mode is an extension of Monitor mode. You will get all of the benefits of Monitor mode, with the addition:

  1. The camera will be recorded by TetherX locally and/or to the cloud

  2. TetherX will create time-lapse and "best image" snapshots for events

  3. TetherX will perform internal foreground / background analysis to generate events

  4. TetherX will monitor the camera's analytics events (optional)

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