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How do I set up camera analytics notifications?
How do I set up camera analytics notifications?

Setting up TetherX to send push and email alerts for camera analytics

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  1. Configure the camera analytics as desired. For example with Dahua (please refer to your camera manual):

2. Go to the Cameras page within TetherX.

3. Click to the "Pencil Icon" to edit the camera, select the Advanced tab:

4. Select "Camera Analytics Only" under Event Trigger:

5. Choose what analytics you would like TetherX to send notifications for:
โ€‹note: if your camera does not support certain analytics, they will not be used

6. Switch to the "Details" tab and set the Camera to Armed
โ€‹Note: Once the camera is sending analytics, you will also be able to do this from the main cameras table.

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