Yes. you can achieve 3 key benefits by using the TetherX <> Paxton Integration:

  • Monitor - Real-time information & detect issues

  • Manage - Unlock doors, make changes

  • Automate - Advanced rules & automations

System Requirements

TetherX only integrate with Net2 at present. The minimum version required is 6.01 or newer of Paxton Net2 Access Control.

Note: Paxton 10 integration is planned but not available at present.

Basic Integration

The basic integration allows searching TetherX generated events by a person's name, to find all events where a specific person used the access control system.

It also allows seeing all event information in context, with the person’s details, corresponding video surveillance, time- lapse images, audit information and more:

Advanced Integration

Depending on the project requirements, we can do advanced automations and interactions between different devices, some examples include:

  • Disarm a Texecom alarm when a person uses their Paxton token to enter a building.

  • By-pass a Texecom alarm zone when a person enters a specific code on a Paxton keypad.

  • Send a push/email alert with a photograph when a specific person enters a building.

Setup Process

Please refer to our Paxton Net2 Setup guide.

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