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Does TetherX Integrate with Paxton?
Does TetherX Integrate with Paxton?

How does the TetherX integration with Paxton Net2 work?

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The TetherX <> Paxton Integration enables the following three core capabilities:

  • Monitoring - Obtain real-time information and detect potential issues. Including the ability to search by name across multiple sites.

  • Management - Control access by unlocking doors and managing the Paxton Net 2 user database within TetherX.

  • Automation - Implement advanced rules and automations.

Technical Requirements

The TetherX integration is currently only compatible with Paxton Net2 Access Control version 6.01 to 6.6x. Please note Paxton have implemented a requirement for using additional certificates in 6.7 SR1 which is not compatible with TetherX at present.

Note: The Paxton10 system does not currently have an API making it not possible to integrate with third-party systems like TetherX.

Basic Integration Features

The basic integration of TetherX and Paxton allows for searching TetherX generated events based on an individual's name, providing a comprehensive overview of all events where the access control system was used by that person. This overview includes the individual's details, corresponding video surveillance, time-lapse images, audit information, and more.

Advanced Integration Features

Advanced integration options are available based on project requirements and may include, but are not limited to:

  • Disarming a Texecom alarm using a Paxton token.

  • Bypassing a Texecom alarm zone using a specific code on a Paxton keypad.

  • Sending a push/email alert with an attached photograph upon the entry of a specific individual.

Configuration Process

Please refer to the Paxton Net2 Setup Guide for instructions on setting up the TetherX <> Paxton Integration.

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