Yes. TetherX is a cloud platform designed to work from any PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone and we fully support and embrace H.265.

We rely on web standards and browser support to ensure the TetherX platform can be used by anyone without installing any additional software. With this in mind, unfortunately quite a few browsers and devices still do not have H.265 support. If you experience problems with H.265 playback, this is normally not anything within TetherX's control.

If you need to ensure maximum compatibility, we still recommend switching to H.264 unless you can be sure the customer has a device capable of playing high definition H.265 video.

Notably: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and others do not support H.265.

You can see a full list of compatible H.265 browsers here: - presently just Safari on iPhone and macOS. You can also use Samsung Browser on an Android device to enable H.265 playback.

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